D.H.I is International NGO incorporated in Canada under Not-for-profit Corporations Act by doctors graduated from Cuban Medical Schools and registered in the official database of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs as an NGO since 2014. (
Our NGO’s mission is to introduce preventive medicine with preventive measures which is successfully implemented in Cuba. We, as well, plan to start a project which will facilitate the modernization of health systems and building health service institutions such as clinics, policlinics and hospitals in developing nations with the support of the Cuban State entity ‘Servicios Medicos Cubanos'(Cuban Medical Services).
CSM will be providing doctors,specialists and medical staff with their internationally proven know-how and experience in the field of preventive health services.Our vision is to build a health service facility, whether be a hospital or clinic in every corner of the world as in Cuban example.
During our studies of seven years in Cuba ,we have learnt that the most amazing aspect of Cuban medicine was that, despite its being a poor country itself, Cuba has sent over 124,000 health care professionals to provide care to 154 countries.In addition to providing preventive medicine Cuba sends response teams following emergencies (such as earthquakes and hurricanes) and has  given scholarship to  over 25,000 students from over 110 countries who have garduaated to be  doctors at its Latin American School of Medicine in Havana (ELAM, Escuela Latinoamericana de Medicina).
We are hoping to save lives while saving money with the implementation of Cuban style preventive medicine.Our Motto is preventive medicine with preventive measures. We believe that by implementing Cuban style preventive measures we can protect people before their health reaches treatment level.
Our project is to introduce Cuban style preventive medicine with preventive measures to the countries and needed areas of the world with limited human and financial resources.We are planing and hoping to save both money and lives as in the great example of Cuba.Our pilot project will be introduced in Pakistan this year with our 1.000 doctors who are ready to serve the humanity followed Latin American and Caribbean States.
We are team of doctors not only took the oath to serve humanity but also determined to go every part of the earth. Our mission is to make sure that there will be no town ,no village without a doctor. We appreciate what Cuba has given to us “Free education” .
We believe that introducing the Cuban style of preventive medicine to the world is a small token of our appreciation to the noble Commandant FIDEL CASTRO and his hospitable people . Cuban teachers thought us both how to treat patients and that every human being deserves medical help regardless of his or her ethnic, religious and socio-economic background.
We are in the proces of getting connected with over 20.000 doctors from various countries of the world who graduated from Cuban Medical Schools and go to every corner of the world reaching communities without doctors.
“Una idea nacio en Cuba, creció en la CELAC, creada en Canadá oficialmente por los graduados de ELAM y listo para servir al mundo y los pueblos incondicionalmente con el amor y el conocimiento avanzado de la medicina preventiva”
President ‘Doctors for Humanity