is a mechanism created to represent ,promote and protect the interests of the member
states of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States and its citizens.
This mechanism and project is inspiration by the noble Commandant SIMON BOLIVAR who inspired both the people of Latin America and Caribbean and people of the world.
We believe that Celac is beyond common political ideas of left or right.it is the social justice and equality desired for the poeple of the Latin America and Caribbean states .

We can continue discover life in other planets but we do not have to destroy the life on this mother earth.We don’t want to see people in need of simple clothing and food while below where they live is rich in minerals and natural resources. So our  mision is to come up  with projects  to help the lives of Celac citizens improve in  and outside of the celac international borders.

This mechanism brings together Mision Celac which is the first and only NGO of CELAC created official in April 2012 , with Celac International trading ,project management and consulting company which is the only company registered with the name of CELAC in 2013.In promoting and protecting the interests of Celac ,we will be working together with the official administration of CELAC.In realizing our vision we will be setting up offices in various countries beginning with Canada, United States, Turkey, Korea ,Saudi Arabia, Russian Federation,,China,Ethiopia.Our head quarters will be based in Havana -Cuba and Caracas-Venezuela
Through our offices we will provide assistance including information and integration to our citizens such as studenst, visitors,businessmen and immigrants.We will be with and for our citizens wherever they are.
Our vision is to bring the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States to the level of advanced
nations through development projects which are being prepared by our experts and specialist in their
respective fields such as ; health,insfructure,construction,telecommunication,education and
international trade.
We will make 21st century ‘Century of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States’. We hope to be a model of hope , inspiration and motivation for all developing nations. Our policy is’ We win , you win! You win, we win’.
We are ready and will be happy to share our success and experiences with every nation in a respectful way regardless of their ethnic,religious and social background of them .We are waiting for you to discover
our community with open arms..Welcome to our community Welcome to our CELAC.
Viva La comunidad de Estados latinoamericanos y Caribenos