Our Friendly and experienced settlement professionals in various USA and international Airports and city centres will start helping you to;
Look for a job
Get a language assessment
Register for english and spanish language classes
Find a place to live
Fill out forms and applications
Sign up your kids for school
Learn about community services
help you apply Citizenship
Refer you to lawyers and legal aid clinics for your immigration ,family and other legal services
Help you obtain the necessary cards and licences such as health,Social security, driver licence,all sort of insurance cards and certificates.
We are at your service around the clock 24 horus,365 days.we will be gateway between you and authroities whenever needed.

Please do not hesitate to contact  us by email at info@celac.us or our toll-free number .Remember we are for you and with you always.
You can access website of US governmnet for more information about governmnet services https://www.usa.gov