On November5, 2013 the first and only company to represent the economic interests of the Community of Latin American and caribbean States were officially incorporated.The company is planning to organize trade missions and exhibitions ensuring that the companies of member states of CELAC can locate international trade opportunities and  promote CELAC member states’ products and services attracting investment to the industries of the strategic economic sectors of CELAC .Our aim is to introduce our companies to the productive structure and other selected CELAC Initiatives designed to strengthen CELAC’s great economic achievement .
 The member state Brazil’s economic achievement is an inspiration for the community’s other members.We aim  at attracting foreign direct investment into CELAC and seek to allocate resources in the industries of strategic relevance for the development of CELAC and competitiveness of companies and of the community itself.
We will be connecting you with Trade investment board of each member state of  Community of  Latin American and Caribbean  States.
Our professionals and experts will help our citizens through our external trade centers  with ;

1. Planning a business

Assessing your readiness, choosing a business structure, market research and writing a business plan.

2. Choosing a business name

Selecting a good name, checking if a name is taken, registering and protecing your business name.

3. Registering your business with the government

How to register and incorporate your business, plus applying for a business number or tax account.

4. Applying for permits and licences

Permits and licences that you may need from all three levels of government.

5. Getting business support and financing

National and regional business support, immigrant and aboriginal entrepreneurs, and financing programs.
Our next step is to set-up permanent trade fairs and exhibition places open year around outside CELAC memeber states’s frontiers in

cities: such as Istanbul (Turkey), Medinah (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and Los Angeles and Miami (United States), Cairo ( Egypt) Toronto and Montreal (Canada) and Moscow (Russian Federation). New York (USA) and Seoul (Korea) and Islamabad (Pakistan) The vision of this company is to be future External Trade Office of CELAC.
Luca Galea Scannura